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Hometown Hero

Small batch e-cigarette liquid using only the finest ingredients
Hometown Hero was started to provide the best possible eliquid to our friends and family who were looking to quit smoking. We found that by improving the ingredients and flavor of the liquid, the people we cared about were more likely to quit smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes. Word of mouth fueled our growth, and we are now providing our liquid to thousands of people we consider family. Our family grows daily and we would like you to join us in our mission to be healthy and tobacco free.
* All Hometown Hero eliquids are independently lab certified to be Diacetyl free.
Supporting local artists and disabled veterans
We love our local artists and give 1% of all profits to the incredible Texas artists who provide us with our beautiful label art. All of our label art is one of a kind and used with the blessings of the artists. Check out their Instagram links by clicking on their names up top, and show some love.
Hometown Hero is Veteran owned and giving back is a HUGE part of why we do this. We also give 1% of our profits to the Disabled American Veterans charity ( Thank you to all the Veterans and those currently serving who continue to support us.
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