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Magneto Mechanical Mod From Smok Tech, stainless steel
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Magneto Mechanical Mod From Smok Tech, stainless steel

Part Number HEC166-MGNTO
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"They have their weapons... We have ours." 

Welcome to the future."


Magneto Mechanical Mod From Smok Tech

This is the newest and best yet Mechanical mod from Smok Tech! 

Using the power of magnetism, or rather the repellent force of them, to ensure that this switch will not stick. Telescoping so you can use any of your 18mm wide batteries in it, batteries are loaded from the top not the bottom. It also has a reverse threaded switch lockout ring so you can prevent any unwanted firing. Stainless steel construction and very nice machining make this a very attractive mod! 

Instruction manual included.

Price is for Magneto mod only, no batteries or charger included.

60 day warranty against manufacturers defect only.

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Customer Reviews
Rating Some things to keep in mind:
Stick a small rubber grommet under the threads on the button so it does not go flying if it gets unscrewed inside. Make sure the inside under switch is tightened with battery removed to prevent accidental firing. I use with a kick, 18650, extension tube, ego adaptor. With kick you don't want to tighten down too much and crush the kick. Put 9-10 mm high strip from plastic milk bottle material in the bottom of threads to stop from telescoping too far, secure threads together to prevent misfire from voltage drop. Use anti seize on bottom shaft to ensure good connection, a small amount applied with a paper towel; if not there may be voltage leak and potential on outside of mod. I seal the connector because juice will leak inside if leaky atomizer is used, even when using an adaptor (the one i am using has a hole down the center pin). The adaptor is nice because it gives me the ability to use ego style connection and the center pin and sealed connector underneath hold extra juice. Also the atomizer is not damaged in an accident because the adaptor is brass and will break first. Also the plastic in the connector of the mod is protected from heat this way. I expect a mod to be wielded and am satisfied, but the switch shaft should be just a hair wider. A sealed connector without any plastic would be spec. This review regards kick usage so please take it with a grain of salt.
  Reviewed by:   from PDX. on 11/5/2014
Rating Solved Heat & Damaged Button Problems
My hubby has been a e-cig smoker for 4 yrs and loves it. His first buildable had a button on the shaft that heated to the point the spring no longer worked. He heard about magneto using magnets. It works beautifully. Only issue was the unit's threads didn't thread properly. I talked to customer service. They understood and sent me a new one right away and mailed the old one off. It works beautifully and I appreciate customer service for helping us out!
  Reviewed by:   from Cleveland, Ohio. on 10/15/2014
Rating Perfect mod!!!
I love this mod! The threading is very tight and feels like any other expensive mod out there. The button is very reliable. My 18650 flat top battery fits perfectly inside with no threads showing. All of the connections in the internals look very good quality. The wattage drop on the magneto was very minimal. not to forget, it looks sweet! Met every standard that i have at a low price. I have the K100 and the Magneto and i would recommend the Magneto every time for whatever purpose you're wanting, whether cloud chasing or reliability or whatever, and i couldn't be happier with my purchase.
  Reviewed by:   from Colorado. on 7/22/2014
Rating Love this mod and this site!
This is my first mod and I love it. Simple but very cool design. Really like the button and how it locks. Was shipped out quickly and only took a few days to get all the way out to Cali. I am loving this site. Excited to get my next order of the house blend e-liquids to go along with this!
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 7/8/2014
Rating Nice Mechanical Mod at a Nicer Price
This mod is very easy to use, I like that it can be adjusted to fit different sizes of batteries, which also changes the length, The button is easy to operate and it also looks very stylish. Love the performance and happy it is an addition to my growing collection of mods.
  Reviewed by:   from Wellsburg, WV. on 11/22/2013
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