WARNING: This Product Contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Hoosier E-Cig Rewards Program:

Rewards will allow you to earn points to purchase digital gift certificates that can be used by active accounts to purchase items. Reward points are not redeemable for cash. Gift certificates  are digital. You will not receive a voucher, card, or actual certificate in the mail. Gift certificate are redeemable upon redemption of points.

You earn points for every item purchased with Hoosier E-Cig. Your points are earned by totaling the point value assigned to each item purchased. Points are not awarded for shipping fees or taxes.

20 points is equal to $1.00, points values for each item vary, but the average points awarded are 1 point per dollar spent, so you have the opportunity to earn 5% back on all of your purchases!

How To Redeem Your Points:

1.) Click the "My Account / Wishlist" link(below)

2.) Log in to the your account, by entering your email address and password.

3.) Once on your "My Account" page find the section titled "My Rewards"(below). 

4.)Then click the "Redeem" link(above) in the "My Rewards" section to go to the "MY REWARDS - DETAIL"  page(below) to redeem your points for Gift certificates.

5.) On the "MY REWARDS DETAILS" PAGE Choose a gift certificate that you have enough points to redeem for and click the "REDEEM" link under it(below).

6.) Then click the "REDEEM THIS ITEM FOR xxx POINTS" button on the next page you are taken to(below).
NOTE: DO NOT click "add To Cart" button unless you want to purchase the gift certificate with money instead of rewards points.
7.)This will add the redeemed gift certificate to your cart(below). But, this does not mean that the gift certificate(value) has been applied to the cart. You MUST complete the order with ONLY the redeemed gift certificate in your cart to complete the redemption.
8.) Proceed to your shopping cart to checkout and complete the order for your redeemed gift certificate(above).

9.) On the "SHOPPING CART" page check that the text "Rewards point: xxx / per unit" appears under the product name and that the price is $0.00 in all boxes(below).

10.) Then, you must proceed through the entire checkout process to complete the redemption. Again, make sure there are no items other than redeemed gift certificates in your cart. 
Be sure to select the payment method titled "No payment necessary".
Then check the "ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS", and then proceed to "VERIFY AGE & CHECKOUT"(above).

11.) Complete order with only the redeemed gift certificate in the cart(below).
12.) After completing that order, you can click the "My Account" link on the "Thank You" page(above) to go back to your account page and access your gift certificate.

How to Access and use your gift certificate:

1.) Go to your account page(below).

 Or check your email inbox for the email titled "Hoosier E-Cig Gift  Certificate"(below).

2.) To find the gift certificate on your account page, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the "Gift Certificate" section, and click the "View Details" link to open the "GIFT CERTIFICATE DETAILS" page(below).

3.) On the "GIFT CERTIFICATES DETAILS" page you will see the gift certificate code. Highlight and copy the code(below).

4.) Then, after you have added your selected items to your cart, paste the gift certificate code into the "Apply Coupon" section of the "SHOPPING CART" page, or on the "CHECKOUT" page(below).

NOTE: Make sure there are no empty spaces in front of, or following the copied code. If typing the code in, pay close attention to letter case and letters and numbers that can be confused for one another.

5.) Make sure you click the "APPLY" button(above).
Once you click the "APPLY" button, you will see an onscreen confirmation(below)

6.) Then you may proceed to the checkout page and complete your order. You should see that the gift certificate has been applied to the order on this screen under the total(below).

-A gift certificate cannot be applied to an order once the order has been completed. If you are having trouble applying your gift certificate, please call us(during our normal business hours) at (812) 560-4646 so we may assist you.

-A gift certificate is applied as a secondary form of payment, so it will not be reflected in the 'Discount' line.

-The total amount of the gift Certificate will not change your invoice total but will be reflected in the charges to your credit card.  For example, if you purchase $150.00 worth of products and use a $20.00 Gift Certificate, your invoice will be for $150.00 but only $130.00 will be charged to your credit card.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the rewards program!