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V2 KGO batteries 1100mAh
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V2 KGO batteries 1100mAh

Part Number HEC031
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A few features worth going over:

  • Linear discharge- Meaning when the button is pressed the power is on continuously, no more pulsing the power on and off like the last generation of KGO batteries. This equals a better hit.

  • Auto Lock protection- Meaning if the button is pressed for more than 10 seconds it will automatically go into lock mode requiring you to click the button 5 times to reactivate it. This is a measure to prevent accidental overheating of the clearomizer and the battery if you forget to lock it before putting it in your pocket or purse.

  • KGO 1100mAh unregulated batteries 1.5ohm capable, 5 click button lock, and auto lock. Compatible with most EGO and 510 atomizers, clearomizers, cartomizers and tanks.

 Here are a few tips for using the KGO:

  1. Do not over tighten the clearomizer, atomizer, cartomizer or tank onto the battery or the battery onto the charger. This will cause the center pin of the battery to get pushed down to a point where it will no longer make a good connection with the clearomizer.
  2. Cover the rubber fire button with your finger when putting the KGO into a pocket or anything else that the rubber button may get caught on and cause the button to flip out.
  3. Always click the button 5 times before putting your KGO away to prevent accidental firing.
  4. Do not allow liquid to pool in the battery connection as this may cause connectivity problems or seep into the battery and cause internal damage.
  5. Do not use anything below 1.5ohm resistance, such as the 1.25ohm dual coil cartomizers. Use of 1.25ohm dual coil cartomizers on your KGO will void the warranty.
  6. If during use the KGO battery start to become warm, put it down for a few minutes and let it cool. Extreme overuse can cause damage.
  7. You do not need to wait until the battery is completely dead to charge it, there is no memory effect.

Here you will find replacement batteries for KGO 1100mAh. 

KGO is compatible with most all 510 and eGo style atomizers, cartomizers, and chargers. 

But they do not work with Joye tech brand eGo chargers.


60 day warranty from the date of purchase for manufactures defect. Button loss is not covered under the warranty!

Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Rating My new favorite battery
I've been using the 1st generation Kgo 1100mah batteries for a couple of years now and I've liked the fact they out last my Vision Spinner 1300mah and my 1000mah c-twist. I decided to try out the new Kgo V2 and so I ordered 2 of these. I'm very pleased with these batteries. They last as long as my 1300 vision spinner and the color coded lights makes it convenient to know when I should charge the battery again. In addition, I was very pleased with the fast shipping from Hoosier's and the fact that this is the first time I have ever received batteries that were actually in the appropriate boxes. I usually see my batteries arrive in only a plastic sleeve. I'll be buying more of these from Hoosier E-Cig in the future.
  Reviewed by:   from Central MA. on 1/22/2015
Rating Does not perform well
I have used the now discontinued, first generation KGO 1100 batteries for two years without any problems. These V2 batteries do not compare. I draw for more than 8 seconds, so this battery constantly turns off on me. I also vape pretty regularly and the battery only lasts me 2-3 hours before needing to be recharged. Hoosier was great about sending a replacement, but I have had the same problem over and over with the V2. I do not recommend this battery.
  Reviewed by:   from New York, NY. on 5/16/2014
Rating Mr
THE BEST! Use with HEC079BL EGO Vision clearomizers 2.1-2.4ohm Long Wick Low Resistance Color: Blue.......Perfect combination
  Reviewed by:   from Carthage. on 10/25/2013
Rating Mr
We have been using them for a couple of weeks. I like the different colors indicating the life span that is left of the battery.
  Reviewed by:   from 29 Palms. on 8/17/2013
Rating Good when they work
This is a pretty good option for he price-- it's the only battery type I use, and I have 4. The only problem is, every 3rd one or so that I get has a problem. In the last batch, one had a defective button, so that it only actually fired about every third or fourth push. Why do I order them in batches, you ask? because unfortunately they quit working after about a month and a half of use. So I get a couple of new ones every month or so.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 8/15/2013
Rating Best Deal
I have been using these for a couple of years - best deal for the money!
  Reviewed by:   from Austin. on 6/13/2013
Rating NOT so great
I am super disappointed with these newer batteries. The same issues others have already stated, battery not charging, light blinking continuously even after a charge. This started after about three weeks with both of the ones I ordered. Not sure where to go from here...I love this company, but not this newer product, or the clearomizers (leakage that gums up the battery).
  Reviewed by:   from Greenfield, IN. on 5/18/2013
Rating Great battery
Just got my fist V2 batteries. I've been vaping them heavily and haven't had any trouble with the auto-lock like some seem to be having. These new batteries seem to hit cleaner and better than the V1 batteries and last just as long. I like 'em!
  Reviewed by:   from Longmont, Co. on 1/2/2013
Rating Good luck...
This battery is awesome if you get a good one. I have had a lot of my friends turned on to this and all of theirs work fine, mine on the other hand die after about a month.. its beginning to be a waste of money. screw the KGO
  Reviewed by:   from Lexington. on 11/17/2012
Rating kgo battery.
Wow what an upgrade!! My first step above the disposable trash, I am very pleased.
  Reviewed by:   from piqua, ohio. on 11/15/2012
Rating New v2
Just got my new battery and what a difference in taste from my first gen KGO's. I have had great luck with mine and they stay charged for days. Better vapor and taste from v2. Got a few redux clearomizers and they are real nice on the KGO. Tried Brent's suggestion on candy cane and strawberry lemonade and they are great favors I would have probably never tried. Thanks for the suggestion, happy with my order!
  Reviewed by:   from Fishers, IN. on 10/9/2012
Rating KGO 1100 vs. Joye tech eGo batteries
I have always purchased and used the JoyeTech Ego Batteries, before trying the KGO 1100 from Hoosier ecig. The KGO offers more colors and is less expensive and I think the charge lasts longer and I get a better vaping experience.
  Reviewed by:   from Anderson, Indiana. on 8/2/2012
Rating Great all day battery!
After carrying a 510 and a PCC for a year, I decided to go with an upgrade that wouldn't require multiple battery changeouts throughout the day. I'd heard great things about both The KGO batteries and Hoosier ecig. Not at all disappointed in either. Great battery. Great Service. A much better vaping experience!
  Reviewed by:   from TN. on 6/29/2012
Rating Jim
A great battery with one problem. The soft power button can come out if scrapped accidently or on purpose. They can stick on. I have had this problem with 3 of the 8 batteries I have bought. I used a dremel to poish the hole and fix the problem of sticking but a hard plastic button and better QC would be nice. Still a great battery.
  Reviewed by:   from New Mexico. on 6/12/2012
Rating Zip
These are the cats meow. These batteries last for days. I've been using them for a little over a month and love them. Along with the Ego dual coil 1.5 ohm carts, you'll have a great combo. Brent had my order to me in no time. Great service.
  Reviewed by:   from AZ. on 6/9/2012
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