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Efan 18350 800mAh IMR batteries button top
Efan 18350 800mAh IMR batteries button top

Efan 18350 800mAh IMR batteries button top

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Efan 800mAh 18650 IMR batteries button top
Part Number: HEC181-1835B
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IMR 18350, LiMn 800mAh Battery, button top

These are rechargeable EH brand LiMn2O4 (commonly referred to as Lithium Manganese or LiMn) batteries. They are safer chemically than Li-Ion batteries and do not need a protection circuit. These cells can handle high amperage and are safe in series or in parallel. They can be charged with any Li-Ion battery charger with an output of 4.2V. These have a flat top. They are 3.7V batteries that are rated for 800mAh. Battery cover may vary but the batteries are always high quality and accurately rated.

Price is for one (1) battery.

Approximate Dimensions:
Diameter: 18mm
Height: 35mm

Warranty is DOA only. Domestic customers have 7 days from delivery date to report a DOA battery. International customers have 30 days to report DOA due to extended delivery times for international orders.

IMR battery tech info:


 IMR 18350, 800mAh rechargeable battery

 cells can handle high amperage and are safer to use in series and multi-cell applications. Can be charge with any LiIon battery charger with 4.2V output. 
Lowest Discharge Voltage
Normal Voltage 
Cycle Life300 cycles
Operating Temp-10 to 60 ? 
Max. Charge Rate1.5A (CC/CV)
Max. Discharge Rate8C ( ambient temp. 25 ? )
CompatibilityCompatible with Trustfire TR-001

WARNING: These IMR cells have much lower internal resistance than regular LiIon 3.7V cells and they may end up with a higher ending voltage when charged in certain chargers ( especially an older version WF-139 charger ). Please check the voltage of them right out of the charger to see if they are above 4.20V when fully charged with your charger. Overcharging above 4.25V may shorten life/cycles. Above 4.50V may even pop them or make them leak. DO NOT use the charger if it seems to overcharge IMR cells. 

Use Caution:

  • Do not over-discharge/overcharge
  • Recharge empty batteries ( resting voltage ~3.6V ) as soon as possible. Leaving LiIon batteries in discharged state will incur irreversible damage ( capacity / cycle loss )
  • Do not short circuit ( will release tremendous current )
  • Do not dispose of in fire.

* General Information *

mAh = Miliamp Hours: This generally refers to the amount of energy a fully charged battery can store. A higher mAh rating does not generally offer any short term improvements, although a higher mAh rating does indicate that a fully charged battery will preform over a longer period of time. For example, a 1100 mAh battery will operate a device drawing 100 milliamps for 11 hours and a device drawing 1100 milliamps for 1 hour. The amount of milliamps that your mod will draw depends on the voltage of the battery (and/or any switch contained in the mod) and resistance (ohm). If you are in-doubt, contact the mod manufacturer or have your mod tested at a local electronics shop.

The following items are compatible with this battery:

Flip out pipe mod

X1 Smart charger

X4 Smart Charger

Plastic battery box

Trustfire charger

WS1 charger


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