WARNING: This Product Contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Jeeter THC-A, THCP Live Resin Pre-Roll 6ct.
Jeeter THC-A, THCP Live Resin Pre-Roll 6ct.

Jeeter THC-A, THCP Live Resin Pre-Roll 6ct.

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Jeeter Delta-8 THC-A Live Resin Pre Roll – 6 Count

Real, authentic and one of a kind – Baby Jetter! Introducing Jeeter’s Optimized Delta Live Resin Pre-Rolls!  These 0.5g pre-rolled joints are designed to cater to the flower purist, experienced users , and occasional participants .  Jeeter Pre- Rolls are formulated with optimized THCA Diamonds, THCP, Delta 8 and premium terpenes. There are 6 Baby Jeeters in in each jar and come in 6 dynamic strains. The One, the Only, the Original – Jeeter ! Take your game to the next level with Jeeter!

The Strains :

Watermelon Runtz – One of the more classic Indica strains.  Prepare to be entranced by an herbal aroma infused with delicate, ripe berries that create a complex woody strain.

Durban Poison – This Sativa strain offers an earthy balance between the invigorating freshness of pine and warm, spicy notes pulling through the end. The herbal essence of sage pokes through to give a grounded experience

Mango Tango – Ripe fragrance of mangos and peaches create a sensory journey.  Inhale the vibrant and fruity essence of mangoes, with a refreshing aroma of tropical fruit rounding out this Hybrid strain.

Apples and Bananas – Transport yourself to a sunny apple orchard with this Hybrid strain.  Refreshing aromas of pear and crisp apple fill this strain, while a grounding essence of earthy undertones emerges at the end.

Blueberry Crusher -Bright and zesty notes of citrus emerge from this Indica strain.  A tart wave of blueberry envelops your palate, mixing with herbal undertones.

Cantaloupe Crush – This Indica has a sweet melodic scent of ripe cantaloupe combines with the juicy brightness of oranges, leaving you with a delightfully citrus aroma.

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